Creativity for Life

Creativity is God's domain. Anarchy is the devil's.

God endowed us with the capacity for creativity so that his wisdom and grace could be manifest in our lives.

It is the devil's highest goal to corrupt our capacity for creativity so that we discard its use entirely, misuse it for selfish gain, or idolise what we create instead of giving God the glory with our creative expressions.

Look at our weapons of destruction. Did God create them? No, man did. Man created weapons for defense and more so, to empower themselves to conquer others. Weapons have been used as instruments for destructive and evil acts more than they have been used for protection. Instead of giving and redeeming life, our creativity has spawned objects that rob us of life.

If our creative faculties are surrendered joyfully to God's glorious purposes for us, we will wield them for justice, love, mercy and compassion. We will catch glimpses of the coming heaven that God will bring to earth when all things will be restored to its intended glory. 


He Wants Our Honesty

God doesn't want our 'good works'; He desires our honesty.

The changes in my self came only from that place of desperate, blubbering honesty before God, my loving Father. No more pretence, no more hiding, no more false fear, no more excuses, no more feigned eloquence. Just the real, exposed me, before a real, living and loving God.

That's what God wants. There's a verse in the Bible that says He "desires mercy, not sacrifice". God desires to show us mercy, because it is His delight to love on us. His nature is compassion and deep justice, which really is right relationship, true reconciliation with His sons and daughters. With that comes a real basis for reconciliation with our fellow brothers and sisters. What a living Hope! 


Down-to-Earth Spirituality

Jesus is only person I know who seamlessly welded 
word and action, 
truth and grace, 
faith and love, 
peace and justice, 
power and humility altogether, 
while confronting the farce of self-serving religiousity. 

Following him doesn't entail becoming a religious hermit, 
it means engaging authentically in real-world contexts and 
redeeming culture with integrity, 
sacrificial love,
and a missional vision. 

It means dying to that self-serving narcissist in you and me. 

Anybody up for that? 

That's down-to-earth spirituality for you!


No Regrets Following Jesus

Oh hello! It has been a long while since I wrote on The Undivided Heart.  

I have taken a few months away since I went on mission travel to Rwanda and Uganda in the summer and since I got home to Melbourne and began the next chapter studying my Master of Teaching (Music)! 

The Undivided Heart has always been a place that I share my deep musings on what life and faith means to me on my journey. Now I reflect on the past few months and I cannot help but say 'thank You Jesus!' for taking me through the tough and uncertain moments. 

It is now an inescapable truth to me that Jesus is real. In my life, in my world. And not only to me, but to the countless other sojourners I have met both in Australia and Africa the past few months and years. There is no doubt in my mind that none of these divine connections are mere coincidences. Following Jesus has drawn me into a wild, unexpected odyssey of discovering my calling, and the world around me in radical new ways. Since 2014, when I decided to take my faith journey seriously with renewed commitment, I have been challenged, humbled, broken, and moved to follow Jesus into the tough places He goes to - like never before in my life. I look back on the past two years and I can't believe that since I have said yes repeatedly to what Jesus wants to do in and through my life, I have gone on mission travels to Israel, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda! In such a short space of time, I have encountered different kinds of situations and peoples, and it has been nothing short of exhilarating. But at the same time, I have learnt to trust the still, small voice of Jesus in every single one of these challenging moments. 

One day I will write a book. But for now, I do not care to write one. It seems to me that the most important thing in life is to know who Jesus is, to love Him as He calls me to love others, and to walk humbly with Him for the rest of my days doing what matters to His mission in this still-broken world. It seems so simple to me now. I have learnt to stop striving by my own futile efforts in order to satisfy some vain ambition or expectation. I have learnt to pray and to really pray as I actually take action to obey the Word (the truths in my precious Bible). I have learnt that obedience to Jesus' voice is not a burden, in fact, it is truest freedom! It is borne out of love, faith, and complete trust. 

The most trying times for me have been the times where fear and doubt threatened to consume me. In those moments, I began to look at the uncertainty of the situation and my inadequacy, and thus I began to sink in the mire. There were dark times when I thought Jesus wasn't with me because I couldn't 'feel' Him. Yet I always pressed on, because I knew that there was no one else I could turn to even if I chose to turn away. Every single time, I get out of that fog of confusion and I realise that He was with me all along and He gave me the strength to pull through in spite of everything. I realised that my emotions and feelings are fleeting. They are not always based on the truth. In fact, when circumstances threaten to tear me down, I should simply trust, pray and uphold the truth of God's promises. That is the only way that the darkness will disperse and give way to the light of truth. 

I have learnt to journey with others. Jesus never meant for me to do life and mission alone. He has since answered my earnest prayers for mission-minded friends - comrads in the faith, whom I could journey with. I never thought that He could send me such friends half-way across the world, but He did! I have some of my best friends now in Rwanda and other parts of the world. I see now that there had always been a bigger picture. It doesn't matter even when I can't see it clearly or fully. The most important thing is that I follow Jesus in the moment and let Him lead me. 

I continue this journey with no regrets, knowing that whether I live or die, my life is completely in His hands. 



"To journey without being changed is to be a nomad. To change without journeying is to be a chameleon. To journey and be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim." Mark Nepo


We, the Wealthy Poor

All those years ago, Mother Teresa said, "Today it is very fashionable to talk about the poor. Unfortunately, it is not fashionable to talk with them."

We who think we are wealthy, who think we have banks and pockets big enough to give away some of our riches, are actually suffering from poverty of the heart. The poor 'need' us as much as we need them - their perspective, talents, resourcefulness, resilience. 

It is easy for the poor to know they are poor,
But it is much harder for the wealthy to admit they are just as poor. 
God doesn't first see our fine suits or college degrees, he sees our heart. 
That beautiful truth both liberates many and terrifies some. 

Jesus didn't ask us to sit around in fancy suits to discuss the next poverty-eradication strategy. He himself went to them, talked and laughed and ate with them. He touched them, he awakened their hearts to Love and Hope. He didn't toss them dead aid (for example, in the Somalian famine, America sent over tonnes of unprocessed, surplus agricultural products - 'animal feed' pretty much - to feed the starving masses) He healed them from the inside out and gave them Truth. 

J a n i e ll e

Fearsome Glorious Freedom

It terrifies me to think
That we could spend all our life
Wading in shallow waters
When we could dive deeper
And discover the endless depths
Of God's vast oceans.

It'll take courage
The heart of the brave
We'll have to swim further
Out from the 'safety' of the shallow
Into the fearsome glorious freedom
Of the dark blue deep.

Question is, dare we?

J a n i e ll e


Jesus Walks That Rope

Jesus walks that rope. 

We didn't find Him or go to Him first. 
The world didn't and still doesn't recognize Him. 
We're too mired in our self-ambitions 
and self-destructive preoccupations. 
But He came to us, 
He comes to us, 
He found us way before we sought Him. 

I'm not speaking religion here. I'm talking about a Person who touched my life personally. 
Can science explain or quantify Love? 
Can religion change a hardened heart or mend a broken spirit? 
No, only God himself can. 
I've seen it, I see it. 

I love how Jesus doesn't explain or measure love. 
He demonstrated love and lived it among us. 
He didn't create religion to bind us, 
He came himself to liberate us, touch us and transform us. 
He didn't come as the unknown God, 
He isn't capricious and far away like the Greek gods. 
He came with a name - Jesus (or Yeshua), which means Salvation. 
He revealed himself to us. 

He came not to condemn, but to release - freedom is his work. 
Indeed it's a baffling mystery to us - that God comes close. 
But if we could understand God and contain him, he wouldn't be God. 
So I choose faith even as I seek to understand!

Wars and violence, 
Famine and sickness, 
Tragedy and death, continue for now. 
Because of man's willful rebellion, 
His hatred against his brother, 
And because there is Evil in the world. 
But Jesus is with us - like a Light in unspeakable darkness. 

But the night is darkest before the dawn. 
The Day is coming when the Morning Star will rise in our hearts.
Righteousness and justice will be established. 
Our hearts will pulse anew with God's love,
No longer will man war to satisfy his own greed. 
No longer will the earth tremble and quake in distress. 
No longer will we cry in mourning. 
No longer will Evil imprison mankind.

For now, we do what Jesus calls us to do. 
Love our neighbour, love our enemy. 
Be peacemakers, live as sons and daughters of God 
Right here in a still-broken world. 
Shine the light, reflect his love. 
Clothe the orphan and widow, 
Go to the tough places bearing gifts and love,
Provide for the refugees and pray for the terrorists
Broken and lost ones themselves. 

 We stop arguing. We move our hands and feet, we give our lives away to love. 

For the rest of my days I just want to share this Hope with humanity. 
The greatest miracles I've seen are the lives of changed men and women 
Who have found this embodiment of Love, Truth and Hope. 
Yeshua - salvation. Emmanuel - God with us. 
New life. 
Restored identity. 
We're not talking temporary therapy here, 
We're not talking religiosity, 
We're talking transformation for Eternity. 

Can't even explain it! 
But it's the most glorious thing. 

J a n i e ll e


Borne Out of Compassion

The journey and calling is simple. But we fickle, self-serving humans often make things more complicated than they actually are. The narrow road becomes a convoluted trail of wrong turns, detours and false short-cuts all because our narcissistic, selfish ambitions and ulterior motives tempt us astray.

Jesus beckons us to follow Him in the simplicity of faith, trust and obedience. On this journey, there is no legalism, only love. There is no fear, only grace. There is no trickery or deception, neither are there hidden clauses - only Truth.

Jesus tells us to let go of our striving and burden-bearing. Instead, He bids us to serve alongside Him. His burden isn't one of heavy, back-breaking religiosity and false piety. His burden is light, his yoke is easy - because it is borne out of compassion. It is the better path. It is what our hearts search the world over for.

We will not find this peace, this lightness, this restoration, in holidays, careers, homes, relationships, music, art or any of the other noble endeavours. We will find it only in Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord, Counselor and Confidante, Teacher and Servant Leader, King and Friend.

He is all we need because His whole being and doing is borne out of boundless Compassion. We are called to follow Him in this same glorious Grace.

J a n i e ll e



The kingdom of God is embodied by the church, the body of Christ. The foundation of this kingdom and the modus operandi of this body should be characterized by the enduring essence of God’s character: Love. As Bob Goff’s book is titled, ‘Love Does’. 1 John writes of how we know what love is: that Jesus Christ laid down his life for us, so we should do the same for our brothers. Paul describes love in words of action and attitude, not simply as feeling.

The apostle Paul provokes our thought on our posture: 
Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love is not jealous, boastful, proud or rude.
Love in other words, cares for ‘the other’, and not only for the self.
Love does not demand its own way.
Love is not irritable and keeps no record of being wronged.
Love is quick to forgive. 

The practice of our faith and our gifts as followers of Jesus should stand against injustice and untruth, reflect God’s heart, and pulse with his compassion. God's love is not cold, it is warm, it is real, it is alive, it is fresh. It brings restoration and reconciliation.

Love never gives up, it never loses faith, it always hopes and perseveres through every situation.

Love should be the foundation of the church and all missional activity, it is not measured by outward results, but a way of life and being that is seen by God who knows us fully. How do our daily work, study, play and ministry reflect the practical attitudes that Paul outlines as indicative of love “being” and “doing”?