Breaking the Barriers

As a society, as a generation of the twenty-first century, we have become so lonely as individuals and even as families because we have been taught to build high walls around ourselves out of fear instead of building bridges that connects us to others out of love. 

Being wealthy, we have convinced ourselves out of the fear and insecurity of our hearts that those who are poorer than us, those on the fringes of society, are out to steal from us. And so we make plans to hedge both literal and figurative stone walls around ourselves to keep THEM out. But in actual fact, we have made ourselves prisoners of fear within our own walls. We no longer care to love our neighbours as ourselves. We think finding our own happiness is all we need. But we are wrong. 

We have allowed race, religion, creed, colour, disease to separate and stop us from seeing what's within all of us that is alike - the soul part of us that God has placed in each of us. 

In failing to see that, we have failed each other. We have failed humanity, we have failed our Maker. 

Everybody is just like you and me. We want to love and be loved. We want to be valued. But the tragedy lies in the sorry fact that society has stamped labels on each of us, and worse still, we ourselves have allowed this to keep us from listening to each other's stories and from feeling one another's hurts. Will you be one of the majority to perpetuate this attitude or will you be different enough to step out where nobody else cares to go?

Who will make the change? Who among us would rise above the status quo? Will you and I be the ones in our broken generation to break the barriers, demolish the stone walls, and begin to build bridges that will connect us to our brothers and sisters who are out there in the fray? 

~ j a n i e ll e

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