Catalysts of Change

Never underestimate the power of those rare individuals who choose to care when all the world continues in oblivion. Never underestimate the ability of this small band of brothers to be catalysts of change. If anything, it's precisely this 'smallness' & 'weakness' that - although makes them appear insignificant to the rest of the world - actually hold their power to greatness.

Quiet conviction & consistent action is better than noisy protests & short-lived solutions.

Never expect change to come from people who think they have all the answers or solutions. Change comes from people who often think they are too weak to make a difference. It is then that we learn to rely not on ourselves and our own futile strength - but on God.

My dad gave me a funny analogy yesterday when we were discussing the politics and issue of the asylum seeker issue that Australia - and the world over - is facing. He likened this world and all it's problems to be a sinking ship. And we are all passengers in this doomed vessel. There are many who are struggling with fear, they are crying and helpless. Then there are those who, in their idealism, are trying to help by scooping buckets of seawater out as the ship is filling fast with water. Still there are others who are scooping buckets out not because they genuinely want to save others, but because they want the cameras and spotlight to be flashing on them, publicizing their magnanimous deeds.

But aha, in the midst of the chaos, there are those few unknown and unseen individuals who are looking for the hole or the breach or the problem in the ship that is causing it to sink. Maybe their friends and family around them are scoffing and saying, 'What are you looking for? Why are you wasting your time when you can be helping to scoop the water out?' But they precisely fail to see that scooping the water out doesn't do anything to stop the root problem. It is futility to try and fix or eliminate the mere SYMPTOMS when the real issue is forgotten!

This is the state of our world today. Will we be the majority, and settle for mediocrity? Will we merely pretend to help, and do what 'looks good' just so people will applaud us and we can benefit from it for ourselves? Or will we risk being misunderstood, even ridiculed, by trying to make a stand with quiet conviction, seeking to face the root issues and do what is right even when nobody is looking but God Himself?

~ j a n i e ll e

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