Conscious Choices

It doesn't just 'so happen' that a person is responsible, or trustworthy, or kindhearted, or passionate about something. They weren't born that way, contrary to what some people assume. There was a moment when they made a conscious decision to do the right thing, and that started off a series of other seemingly small conscious decisions. The point is, they made a choice, and they made an effort to stick by it. It wasn't easy for them to do the right thing any easier than it is for you.

Ultimately it's your choices that shape what you do, and then it begins to shape who you are. If you make the right choices, it builds and refines your character. If you make the wrong choices, or fail to make any intentionally good ones, then you're just a floater. Floating from one thing to another, never learning or growing inside, and foolishly discarding the precious opportunities that God has especially given you - yes, you - to strengthen your character.

~ j a n i e ll e

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