Created to Love

In my world, there are no statistics. There are only people, and every life is precious. There are no numbers, only the human face. Every single story, every invisible tear. I can't know all the faces, all the stories in the world. But what I can do, I must. That which my ears have heard, I cannot ignore. That which my eyes have seen, I can't turn away. If I could listen to one story, if I could wipe away one tear, if I could embrace one soul, if I could say one encouraging word, I must. This is our greatest calling, my soul's purpose. I'm not here to eliminate poverty, eradicate diseases or to stop bloody wars. I am one person. I cannot solve it all. But I was created to love, and out of that, seek justice. That is one thing I CAN do. If I don't even do this, am I not the most heartless in humanity?

~ j a n i e ll e

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