Losing the Soul

Some people know so much & yet see so little. Others experience all the world and yet have barely lived because they've never truly loved & themselves never been fully loved. Many spend all their lives trying to satiate their senses, but never stop to feed their souls. You & I can make a great name for ourselves, but end up with such a small, shrivelled heart. This is the tragedy of all time. As Jesus aptly summed it, 'What good is it for a man to gain the whole world & yet lose his own soul?

We can have so many things, and yet lack the one most important thing of all. We can have the whole world at our feet, and yet lose sight of our God-given destiny.

What on earth are we missing?

In thinking we are wise, we have become fools. In choosing to be our own gods, we have become prisoners held captive to our own pride and self-destructive narcissism.

There's an old Italian saying that comes to mind: 'When the chess game is over, the pawns, rooks, kings and queens all go back into the same box.'

Are you just trying to make a name for yourself? Well I can tell you for sure, your name will one day be forgotten. No matter how big that name gets now, some day it'll be nothing but a faint memory, a soundless whisper, the last smouldering cinders in a dying bonfire.

One of the finest carved monuments in Ireland portrays the decomposing body of Mayor Rice being gnawed and devoured by toads, vermin and insects. 'Whoever you are that pass by, stand, read and weep,' says the mayor's inscription. 'I am what you will be and I was what you are.'

Our name, no matter how great; our body, no matter how attractive; our successes, no matter how brilliant; our knowledge, no matter how impressive; our kind of justice, no matter how noble, will all one day amount to dust and ashes. Because that is where we will end up. All of us - whether wealthy or poor, free man or prisoner, young or old - will one day face our Maker. And He alone knows our hearts, our silent struggles, our faithful actions, our worst failings.

So let us live each day with a mindfulness of our souls, the part of us that was created by God's breath of life. The part of us that nothing in this material world can fill or satisfy apart from a continual and fresh renewing and overflowing of God's love and truth and grace.

~ j a n i e ll e

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