Rise to the Occasion

'My death
Is not a journey
But an exodus
From a land that I did not like
For the inhumanity of its people.

And none recalls
when and how the ways of humankind
Gave place to these rituals
Of barbarians and beasts.'

Translation of a poem originally written in Dari. 

Such a deep poem. 'My death... is an exodus from a land I did not like.' It's a poem for those rare individuals who know in their heart of hearts that a world of injustice can never truly be their home. And because of such convictions, these same individuals will not be silent about the injustice and 'rituals of barbarians and beasts'. They will rise to the occasion and raise their voices amidst the din of the crowd, the cacophony of the media's distorted truths.

Will you be one of these rare individuals?

I wonder if I will myself rise to the occasion..

~ j a n i e ll e

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