The Beauty of Life Lies in its Silences

The beauty of life lies in its silences.

A genuine smile. The lingering moments after a touching piece of music. The breath you take in on a quiet cool morning. The moments of timelessness when you're sitting with someone close to your heart. The sound of wind in your ears as you feel the sand in your feet & the waves crashing ceaselessly afar. The sight of the grandiose canvas of night sky studded with stars, forever constant, silently watching. The quiet walks you take on a breezy autumn day when the noises of the world fade out and all it is is just you & God. The feeling of grass under your feet, the warmth of sunshine on your back.

There are no words for it, only a silent thanksgiving. A kind of divine joy that far surpasses the short-lived satisfaction found in nice houses or fancy cars or job promotions or man's applause. Yet how often do we stop to take in the stillness?

The urban world we live in makes us forget. It makes us listen to noise, but keeps us deaf to the silences that remind us why we're alive; the silences wherein God speaks into our hearts & stills our fears. The beauty of life lies in its silences.

~ j a n i e ll e

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