The Future Pain

Give up your crafty rationalizations, your selfish ambitions, your carnal passions, your prideful attitude, your narcissistic ways.

Stop trying to justify your wrongs, your wicked ways.

It is what it is. Can you not see? God sees our hearts. The problem with our world is that we have lost the fear and awe and wonder of God in our hearts. By our actions and words, whether intentional or unintentional, we crucify Jesus again and again. We trample on His love, we shun His truth, we scoff in the face of His amazing grace.

Are we so blind, so rebellious, so self-sufficient, so arrogant, so clever, so intelligent, that we no longer see the depravity of our own hearts?

I can personally testify to the fact that in trying to be the best, in trying to be blameless, I have become the worst, and my own self-centered ways and lusts have been exposed. Who can escape the scourge of sin? We are all knowingly and unknowingly slaves to sin. To our own destructive passions and selfish desires.

There is that saying, 'We only want the present pleasure, but fail to consider the future pain.' The future consequence.

All that God desires and plans for His sons and daughters stops where we choose to turn away from Him. Because we foolishly think we have better plans and we can make better sense of ourselves. Without God.

This is the tragedy and story of mankind. Past, present and future. Change will only come when we give up ourselves in the freedom of surrender.

~ j a n i e ll e

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