The Heart of Things

Ahh gotta loveee deep conversations with my Dad! Whenever I got a question or reflection, I just throw it out there, & he never fails to throw something back that always leaves me thinking or seeking deeper than I thought possible. He just said, 'Everyone is chasing after the wrong things, everybody is getting affected by the wrong things.' Which then begs the question, What then is worth chasing after? What then is worth getting concerned about? 

In every discussion we have, every issue we wrestle through in dialogue and open discourse, he never fails to point my sights back to the heart of things. He never fails to point me back to who God is. He never fails to remind me to fix my eyes on Jesus, so that I can continue to persevere in what God has called me to do. With faith, in love and truth. Not losing heart because of the overwhelming troubles or opinions of this world that threaten to engulf me and make me forget why I'm here doing what I do in the first place. 

Oh what would I do without his words of wisdom, his thought-provoking reflections & his sure influence in my weakest points, my best moments, my deepest concerns?

~ j a n i e ll e

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