Never Too Young

I hate it when people tell me, 'Oh you're still young.' As if the state of being 'young' is the perfect justification to be oblivious of what's going on in the world, to be ignorant of injustice, to not rise above the status quo, to not rock the boat, to not question and challenge what everyone else accepts so easily. As if being 'young' means you can't help others in need (I'm talking about helping even without money!), as if you can't do difficult things, you can't choose the unconventional path.

If anything, I realize that 'being young' gives us the courage and potential to do all these things, and even more. The only thing we need in greater measure is wisdom, discernment and experience. Wisdom, only God can give - and nobody's ever too young to ask and seek. Experience, only time and life itself can teach. Nevertheless, you don't need all the experience in the world to choose to do the right thing. It's written in your heart, instilled in your spirit, wrought in your conscience. Neither age nor youth is ever a legitimate excuse. God can and will use you if only you are willing!

~ j a n i e ll e

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