Seeing Beyond Our Walls

I think there's something terribly warped about the way we are living. Why is it that we do not hesitate to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on ourselves, to satisfy our wants, our pleasures, our comforts, our curiosity, our lusts, but we find it so difficult - even ridiculous - to give our time and money and skills away to bless people we may or may not know and who are in dire need? The world is what it is today because people have made themselves their own gods. We have placed our wants before the needs of others.

People get caught up with their lives, their 'rights', what they want, what they feel like, what upsets them. They mistake the gift of free will for self-indulgence, self-seeking pursuit. And this always, always blinds us to the bigger picture. It deafens us to the silent screams of those suffering beyond our walls, our safe havens. It starves our souls of real meaning & purpose. True freedom comes not when we fight for our own self-serving rights, it comes when we're standing up for the rights of the defenceless.

~ j a n i e ll e

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