Don’t you love it when you’re with someone who makes you forget the time? Or when you’re doing something and you look at the clock hours later in amazement that you totally loss track of the time?

That’s how we were meant to live. That’s how we were created in our spirits to live.

God made us for timelessness. Our souls crave it. You can’t deny it.

We hate to be bound by space and time. That’s the truth. We all dislike to be imprisoned by deadlines and appointments and to-do-lists. Alarm clocks, money, fame, addictions. Of course, now that we are living in space and time, we need these things, we fall prey to these things. Sadly, we cling on to them as if we had nothing else to live for. That’s the tragedy. But you know it my friend, our hearts desire so much more for life. True life. And what is that? How do you find it?

True freedom is freedom from self. From our narcissism and our self-centeredness. To be completely honest, I know within me that all the truly full and beautiful and memorable moments of my life are when I completely forgot my own selfish wants and my own insecurities and narcissistic attitude.

And here’s my conviction, concerning finding true life and true freedom. And I am not ashamed to say it. Because it is real. I’ve seen it happen in the lives and the countless testimonies and stories of so many of my friends and family who have encountered it. And most of all, I’m not ashamed because it has become real to me. So real that it’s more real to me than my doubts.

That is, true liberation, true freedom, true life, is found in a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ – His grace and truth. His unconditional love. God’s love through Jesus to all of us. Through what He did on the Cross to take our place so that we don’t have to face the consequences of our sin and our rebellion. It’s out of this world.

And yes, back to timelessness, you can’t escape this feeling and desire deep within you. Because it says in Ecclesiastes that God placed Eternity in our hearts, from the beginning of time. We cannot suppress this desire. Our first love really is the Giver of Life; the Giver of this beating heart; the Beginning of Eternity. Without His breath of life in our souls, our hearts and minds, we are somewhat disconnected. Not only to Him, but to the world and to the people around us. We find ourselves at different intersections in life, still lost in our own self-made choices – sometimes unhappy, other times unfulfilled. We feel like we’re still looking. We’re still not yet fully satisfied. But what is it we’re missing?

We’re still shackled by our past, our regrets, our guilts, our mistakes, our wrongs, our narcissism. We are still blinded by deception, by the lies the media and the world feeds us. We are blinded by the lies we even tell ourselves to try to soothe our own pain apart from the only One who can put our hearts back together more beautifully than before. We are like the blind leading the blind, both falling into the pit. We are confused by others, we are confusing others, and we are confusing ourselves. Our stubborn wilfulness might just separate us from the One our hearts are truly searching for. Without even ever knowing it…

But the good news is, now that you’ve heard about this Hope! This Anchor for the soul, this Jesus guy, why don’t you take a step out of your comfort zone, your misery, your bitterness, your unforgiving heart, your regrets, your past, your success, your fame, your ambition, your narcissism, your pride, your self-made happiness – just as I do and try to do, every single day of this incredible journey, and seek to know and encounter this Man for who He is? I promise you, if you’re really seeking, if you’re really waiting, if you’re really stepping out, He’ll meet you right where you are. Just as He did with me, and with so many other people I know! :)

~ J a n i e ll e

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