Doubt Your Doubts

Doubts your doubts as much as you doubt your faith. Find the equilibrium, seek Truth, dare to confront God with your doubts, and you will emerge stronger in the right convictions.

There are those who say, 'Doubt your faith, you fool!' But I'd tell them that they should learn to also TEST THEIR DOUBTS and doubt their doubts just as vigorously as they oppose or doubt faith and God. But, there's also the other camp that says, 'Never doubt, just have faith!' What's that supposed to mean? I'd say to them, you need to learn to confront your very real & valid doubts and not hide them. Do not be afraid to TEST YOUR FAITH. Do not suppress your questions just because someone tells you to 'just believe' - blindly. Faith isn't a leap in the dark, it's a leap in the Light.

Whether you're Muslim, Christian, agnostic, Hindu, atheist or free-thinker, dare to test your faith and just as equally doubt your doubts. Don't back down or give up until you've found the Truth.

I'm not stopping at what people tell me. I'm still on this journey, and it has taken me to places I never imagined possible. When I got serious enough to seek God, he met me where I was. And he still is. I'm still on this journey of seeking, doubting, asking, reading, journaling, listening, discovering, and choosing to believe. And I tell ya, when I confront my doubts and test my faith, when I pray, God, Jesus, if you're listening, meet me where I am, I always come through this heart, mind and soul wrestle with myself, with God and with truth stronger in my faith and convictions.

When you don't back down, God doesn't either. He'll meet you where you are. Often it takes my desperation to help me see and take the next unthinkable step, to ask the impossible questions, to present my deepest doubts to the table. God never remains silent. He shows up. In everyday life. In the silence. In my readings. Through different conversations. Even through strangers, and I can testify to that. And you realize that the outside world is actually not as vital as the world within. When you have life and truth and hope and love within you, nothing in the external world can break or sway you.

Why am I saying this? Because there's a fire & Hope in my bones, and if you've made a mind blowing discovery, wouldn't it be a crime to not share it? Through this endless heart & soul wrestle, I've come to realize that the world within is actually more vital than the world outside. You can't buy love, truth & hope. It is given and received. If you choose to. As Jesus said, 'What profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?'

~ J a n i e ll e

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