Empire of Love

Napolean Bonaparte, the great military genius, reflecting on his years of conquest, is reported to have said, 'Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne & I have built great empires. But upon what did they depend? They depended on Force. But centuries ago Jesus started an empire that was built on Love.' 

Even today, millions follow Him & many have given up what they knew they couldn't keep in order to gain that which they know they cannot lose, in the Hope they've found in Jesus. It started with 12 men who chose to follow Him and live a life of love & faith in action. 

Today I still hear stories of people whose hearts & lives are transformed by this love & truth. My own included. It's mind blowing. And it's for you & me. Not the proud, but for all who realize their human frailty. The question is, will you dare to receive it?

~ J a n i e ll e

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