Is Happiness All There Is?

I've heard countless times people telling me they just wanna 'be happy'. That's good. But is true freedom simply to do whatever makes you happy? The world's a mess cause we all subscribe to this subtle deception in our own way. In the pursuit of mere happiness, we forget the big picture. Is happiness all there is? I believe there's so much more.

Everyone's so caught up trying to 'be happy' & doing 'what makes me happy' that they forget how happiness is fleeting. Our hearts & souls long for so much more, my friends. I can travel the whole world & experience everything, do everything I want and still not be filled within. I might be happy for awhile, but still remain empty & restless.

Our hearts long for Love, a love that no fallen man or woman can give. Our souls long for reconciliation with the One we've rejected for so long in our pride & our rebellion. But aha, which is harder, to accept this Love or to let go of our pride? ;)

Think on it. The Truth might just offend you.

~ J a n i e ll e

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