This Christmas

This is the first Christmas of my life that I'm acutely aware of the unbearable suffering & vicious violence going on all around the world today, fueled by a lovelessness in the hearts of deceived men who know not their own blindness.

But wait a sec, am I blind too? Are you? I'll say it. I believe in God not because I want to hide from reality. I believe in Him precisely because I face reality & I see the mess that it is.

Faith isn't a crutch, it is a pillar.

Without Him, am I any better off? Are you? If everything in this life has no meaning as some purport, then we shouldn't be crying out for justice. Yet we do. Ever ask yourself why?

The world is messed up because of fallen man. The world can be saved if we all quit rebelling. Our world is bleeding by our own doing.

We refuse a Saviour because we proudly think we can be our own saviour, our own gods. Maybe you're afraid to touch Truth because it offends you, threatens your comfort zone.

But God whispers in our hearts. He doesn't force us to seek Him, to return His love. How many of us will? That's another reason why I trust Him, because He loves you & I enough to give us free will. Yes, even the will to reject Him. But why would I? Why should you?

For me, Christmas is every day remembering there's a Hope that exists. Here & now.

Amidst the suffering & crying, Love walks among us. I believe in Jesus because I realize He's the Answer. Right here, right now. For you and me. Maybe you feel it's all too much. But I guess it means more than my life, and I'm not ashamed to say it.

~ J a n i e ll e

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