Forgetting the 'Why'

My Dad always tells me, 'It's not what you do, it's why you do what you do.'

I realize one of the scariest things is to lose sight of the WHY. Like in the scene of the Hobbit film, when wise Gandalf warned his friends, 'Whatever happens, stay on the path!' The poor hobbit Bilbo & his dwarf friends did end wandering from it. In that dark illusion-filled forest they soon forgot why they had embarked on that journey. They were doomed. But Bilbo forced himself out of his dark reverie & realized they were lost because they had lost sight of the Sun. He climbs up the tall tree way above the underworld of the rotting forest & finds fresh air.

He finds the Light.

He recovers his bearings. Up there, he sees the big picture & remembers where they were headed.

I see the same story in my life. I get so caught up trying to make my plans happen while the cacophony of voices try to lead me off track. The only way to find Life is to quit my selfish short-sighted plans & seek the Light for God-inspired vision. Remember why I'm here.

~ J a n i e ll e

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