A Ghastly Itch

What does a man really want?

See, often our wants are like a ghastly itch: for the moment, all we want is to scratch that itching point and so find some temporary relief, even 'satisfaction'. However, what we TRULY want is to actually find a remedy that'll cure us of that itch entirely. But if one is thinking only for the moment, only about the temporary 'satisfaction' - which really is a lie, the subtlest yet vilest deception - will cling on to that reasonless addiction, be it money, drugs, sex, power, fame or the like.

The procuring of these short-lived pleasures for self-satisfaction is utter futility. It will not ultimately satisfy. Although they take on the guise of necessity, they are in actual fact what our hearts, minds & bodies want the least. But then again, how can one obsessed with an itch be thinking clearly enough to realize the truth of the matter and see what is at stake?

~ J a n i e ll e

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