Immortal Longings

In the end, each of us are really actually looking for purpose, for meaning. Anything else apart from this search, and the discovery & living out of it, is mere distraction or illusion. And I'm finding more & more that I cannot find purpose, love and truth simply in myself and for myself.

Simply put, without God & without others, my life and all I do is futility.

'I have Immortal longings in me,' wrote Shakespeare. It's true, as Solomon beautifully wrote in Ecclesiastes, 'He placed Eternity in our hearts.'

When you're out here, far from the world's chaos, forgetting the constraints of time, you realize how far you've strayed from what was meant to be & how much more there is beyond life's transient misery.

Faith, hope & love is the key.

~ J a n i e ll e

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