The Bravest Act

Everybody's crying for peace. But there can be no peace without war. Not war on the blood-soaked grounds of the battlefield, but war waged on the sin-stained recesses of our hearts.

If you don't believe in God, I assume you don't also believe sin or evil exists? Yet which one of us can say we've never been wronged or haven't also hurt others in turn? Who can say he has not witnessed the oppression of injustice & seen the faces of evil bared over the centuries and even in our society today?

If we somehow see fit to punish & incarcerate 'criminals', how is it when it comes to God, we just want to put Him in a box and protest against a God that seeks righteousness & justice -which actually reflects true, immutable love, and not just some airy-fairy feel-good 'love' without the cost of sacrifice that the world subscribes to? And if you are going for the same old excuse I've heard countless times before: 'why don't God fix everything if He's so great?' Let me ask you, don't you love free will? God does too, so I guess we could say he risked it by letting us choose good or evil for ourselves.

Truth is, maybe it hurts our brains & stings our fragile consciences to ponder such matters. I think many of us prefer to feign indifference, thinking we can get away with it. But there's no sitting on the fence,  friends.

The truth is there for you to confront. The bravest act is to face the state of disrepair of your own heart & face the One who just might restore it if you choose to admit its brokenness. That's terrifying for most, but ultimately liberating. It's 'either-or' as Kierkegaard wrote. To sit on the fence is to hurt yours & my own sorry bum in the end.

~ J a n i e ll e

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