Escaping the Past

Sometimes one can be so afraid to contemplate the past because the past can be so ugly, so painful - because one will find there what cannot be undone.

But how can we learn? How can God teach us and refine us into someone new and free and whole when we are afraid to admit what we once were, and what we are probably still struggling with now?

When we refuse to examine our past, open our hearts in the present, expose our vulnerabilities for the future, we are as much trapped by the days bygone as we are trying to escape it.

Escape is not to hopelessly hide from the darkness that's chasing us. Escape is to run in the direction of the Light. There's a new word for it: not escape, but liberation.

To live in the present is to be mindful of past - but not to remain enslaved to it. To live for the future is to live with a sense of accountability in the present. There's a word for it - no, two words - humility and surrender.

~ J a n i e ll e

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