The God of Impossibilities

You are the God of impossibilities.
You call ordinary fishermen, into a new life of adventure and discipleship - that they may begin training as fishers of men.
You are calling me. You're opening the doors of impossibilities.
You're taking me to new heights through my first all-time lows.
You are the God of the humble and repentant heart.
There is no sin, no regret, no affliction, no addiction that You cannot heal & forgive.
You are the God who restores. My Hope.
Every broken piece of my jar of clay You put back together in a more beautiful way.
You are my refuge, my Lighthouse through the dark, stormy nights at sea.
You lead me home and draw me back to You.
You give me a beating heart and fearfully beautiful new eyes to see.

~ J a n i e ll e

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