Why is it that in this generation, to choose silence & solitude is to waste 'precious time'? To be disciplined is to boring? To do whatever you please is somehow called 'freedom'? To mock God and people of faith is intellectual enlightenment?

To be mildly charitable is somehow enough to be considered the pursuit of justice? To be a 'good person' is simply to refrain from theft, murder, rape and the supposedly more 'serious' offences? To be educated is merely to know how to read and write and study in school and university? To be rich is to have more?

To be kind is to say something nice that you don't actually mean? To be bad is to be that person locked up in prison? To be loved is simply to gain the acceptance of others and feel good? To be successful is to have a nice house, car and job with status?

To meditate is to think about nothing? To be clever is to be opinionated? To have a good status in society is to buy stuff you don't really need to impress people you don't even like? To be self-controlled is to be frigid?

To be truthful is to be 'politically correct'? To be considerate is to tell people what they want to hear? To be generous is to give your left-over talents, resources and money? We have turned everything upside down.

No wonder society is a mess! All the educational, modern and technological advances have not changed the condition of the human heart. What are the principles we live by? Or do we just let live without a care for the world?

~ J a n i e ll e

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