Confronting God

At some point (soon) every one of us need to ask ourselves: what in the world am I doing? And why? What are you doing in university, in this job, in this place? And why?

Few of us pause life long enough to confront these tough questions ane examine our hearts. But the ones who take up the challenge set themselves on an exhilirating journey of no return - and of new things and great adventure for sure!

God knows the infinite possibilities, and He gave us the willpower to discover them. Unfortunately, most of us get stuck in the boxes that other people and the rules of materialistic-driven society has chucked us in. And we never dare to climb out. Because to get out is to question, to rebel, to be misunderstood, to try & fail (and repeat the agonizing process), to trust God's voice more than the world's convincing lies.

So dare yourself. Ask the tough questions. Confront God,  and He will meet you where are.

~ J a n i e ll e

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