Remember to Remember

Remember to remember. 

We so often live our lives without taking hold of the moments. We let things, people and opportunities pass us by. We look down at our phones and iPads and laptops. We fail to look up and around at the people around us.

We create an illusive world that is 'up in the air' - we live through our Facebook pages, our Youtube channels, our Twitter accounts, our websites and ventures. We forget that in the end, on our deathbeds, all these fanciful, impressive things won't count for nothing - unless it was done for something greater than ourselves.

Remember to remember God. To remember your father and mother who gave you life and instilled wisdom in your mind. Remember friends who have invested good memories and kind words into your life. Remember teachers who encouraged and spurred you on. Remember your moments of trial and failure, so you can look on to the future with the sharpened arrow of yet another lesson learnt and added to your diary of life lessons.

Don't get entangled in the cares of this world so much so that you forget to be thankful, and forget to remember.

Remember what life is about. Remember what God has done. Remember the vows you have made. Remember what your parents taught you over the years. Remember the times you laughed and cried and shared both experiences with others. Remember your child-like faith and inquisitive nature.

Remember and live.

~ J a n i e ll e

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