The Crux of It

There is such a thing as coincidence, and there is such a thing as free will too. God doesn't manipulate what is within our free will to choose. But I know if we ask for wisdom and seek guidance, He will answer and gives us the discernment to choose. And I believe God is sovereign, over both good and evil. Over what I can control and what I cannot control. He is sovereign over my life, because I surrender it to Him everyday that I choose to trust Him (being a Christian isn't a one off thing, its a choice made every new day. That's why I don't believe in Christians converting people for the sake of it.)

I realize there's freedom in knowing my life isn't just a random floating wisp in the universe. None of us are. There's a purpose and there's a destiny for each of us. Injustice, evil, sorrow - these are consequences of man's choices, of sin. Though many people might not like to use that word to sum up the state of our world today. Why does God allow it? (That would be another post altogether, but there's a reason.)

So that means, my trust isn't reliant on whether or not God answers my prayer everytime, but on the fact that He sees me and knows what is best for me (even when I can't see it or understand my situation). And all my life I look back, this has proven true. God never fails to show up in impossible ways, through complete strangers, through unexpected opportunities, through the toughest times. Things are out of my hands, God doesn't necesarily change those variables to fit me, but He does change ME. So I am able to overcome, learn, let go. And that is the crux of it.

~ J a n i e ll e

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