Be Present

I was sitting up late tonight, just mulling things over and letting God whisper to me in my thoughts as the silence of the night surrounded me.

It came to me almost like an epiphany as I was asking God, "How can You use me?"

I heard my mind telling me something new and immediately after, I jotted this in my journal at 11:46PM:

'Instead of always thinking: oh how is God going to use me?

Think: how can I live out Jesus' words right here,  right now - today?

Because when the thoughts of the future and all these big things overwhelm you, remember that yesterday is over, and tomorrow does not yet exist.

You can't give God any more of your life than your very life right now.

Stop thinking: how will God use me tomorrow, or next year, or in five years?

Think: how can I be used by You right now, God?

As my Dad always to me with a loving sigh, "My dear, my dear, always be present."

Learn to be present. Because people need you now, not later. Not tomorrow. Not in three years. Not only when they're poor or sick or dying. And certainly not when they're comfortably in oblivion - six feet under.

Be present. Because God wants to change you and transform your distracted, divided heart today. Not tomorrow. Not when you bid good-bye to this life.

Be present. Because God can use you right now, right here.

Be present. Because historymakers make history today. They don't wait for the 'perfect time' in the 'near future'. They seize the gift of today. They live with hearts surrendered to Jesus, fearless of man, fearless of tomorrow. And yet in all things, ready even for what may come the day after tomorrow.

But the preparation starts now. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. First lesson, first step: be present.

~ J a n i e ll e

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