Begin With the End

"Never lose sight of the end. If you do, you will lose sight of the present. And so lose heart for the future." Janielle

I'm beginning to realize one of the problems that I face with myself is my tendency to start things - even good things, and exciting things - without ever finishing them. It's like setting out with the mind to conquer Mount Everest, but halfway, you find the second last base camp so comfortable that you decide to ditch your plans to get to the breath-taking summit even though it's only another hike away. How does that happen?

I realize I need to be honest with myself and address this issue. See, I often begin with a good idea. And I want to start something good with it. Because I'm quite the enthusiastic person, I tend to like to jump into new opportunities straightaway and waste no time. But the problem arises when I begin to realize that I either have too many things on my plate or that my enthusiasm is beginning to fizzle out because it never was something I should have committed to so quickly in the first place. Do you feel the same?

We often start things without ever charting our course. Can you set out on a journey without at least determining where you want to end up? Maybe. But for someone like me, I will inevitably get bored or  unmotivated to continue because I'd feel like my life isn't fulfilling any purpose apart from doing or experiencing 'the next thing'. It's simply exchanging one form of insanity (or distraction) for another.

At some point I wanted to make the concious decision to be intentional in everything I write, say and do - whether it's in music, travel or volunteering. I don't want to jump onboard the bandwagon,  neither do I want to sit back and watch. I want to be purposeful about everything I commit my heart, mind and body to do. I don't ever want to work for work's sake. I don't ever want to travel for the sake of travel. I don't ever want to get married just for the sake of 'having someone'. I want to challenge myself to think deeper, think farther, think wider. 

In order to live like this, I need to always begin the day - or everything I choose to do - with the end in mind. What is the end? The end is the goal, the vision, the purpose. 

This principle seems to have held true for my life and my experiences. The times when I embarked on a project without seeing or thinking about the end or what I wanted to achieve, I gave up half way or even before it properly began. It's a pity. Maybe some of these things had great potential, but at the time, I didn't possess the next level of self-discipline or maturity to see beyond what is and to behold what can be.

I will renew this challenge and pose it to myself once again. I hope it speaks to you too. Purpose in your heart to do all things with the end in sight. You cannot fully live if you aren't able to see the larger picture. You will always be stuck and entangled in the problems and disappointments along the way. But if you truly have found a reason to embark on this journey, you will not give up, come what may.

~ J a n i e ll e

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