Ephemeral Things

"It's important to be loved by people, but it's not important to be idolized by people. " Janielle

Popularity is a transient thing. People can applaud you one day and misunderstand and mock you the very next. My parents always reminded me to never seek after man's approval. Unfortunately of course, this is something that we are all inclined to do. We like people's approval and acceptance, even to the point of sometimes conpromising our beliefs and principles. 

How do we fight this fight within ourselves? How do we abandon our self-seeking tendencies and focus instead on building our character?

It intrigues me. What makes us run after popularity and fame? Why do we make idols of people we admire?

I realize that within each of us there is a desire to worship something larger or greater than ourselves. People worship all sorts of things over the course of their lives and they don't realize it. People could worship a concept, an idea, a person, an object, a career, a religion, and so on. Many people even worship themselves by the lifestyle they live, and this can prove destructive. You can become a slave to what you idolize.

I have soon begun to realize that the crux of my life, is to worship and give glory and thanks to the One who gave me life. We were created to worship. We were created to love. But all the problems in society and in our lives have stemmed from this one thing: we have worshipped the created things rather than the Creator. And this is nothing short of outright rebellion. It's a depraved way to live. I will die in my own self-centeredness and pride unless I find life in learning humility and a restored relationship with God.

I don't know why, but every time I write, it always comes back to this. A restored relationship with God. We've replaced this lifeline with all the other idols and addictions and preoccupations of life. We thought we've got it, but in essence we have in actual fact missed the purpose of our existence. And you know what the amazing thing I've discovered is? Is that when I am worshipping God, in songs, in music, in my life and words and actions, that is where and when I find the deepest joy - a fulfillment beyond measure. So much so that when I walk away from this life Source, I feel like nothing else in the world can satisfy my heart, mind and soul as much as a closeness with God has. So I run back. Everything else fades in comparison to the one thing that never changes - God's love and truth. Fame, money, power, status, success, all these ephemeral things don't matter so much anymore. They are temporary and futile endeavours if pursued apart from God. I may sound a bit extreme sometimes, but this is true for me. So true that I would write about it over and over in different ways - all versions of the same lesson learnt - because it is what I am experiencing and learning again and again through my cycles of pride, downfall and restoration through God's amazing grace.

I was once a vagabond. Lost; a slave to myself, to the fleetings desires of the world. But in His love, I am free.

In His love, we find our home.

~ J a n i e ll e

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