Life Ain't A Competition

"Life isn't a competition. It is an opportunity." Janielle

Do you realize that from the moment we enter this world and begin to grow up in society, we are taught in many subtle ways without even realizing it, that life is a competition?

We begin to think that in order to gain the approval of others or to receive acceptance from the people we love or esteem, we must compete. We must be better, smarter, stronger, faster, richer, nobler - not always simply because we want to grow in wisdom or character, but because we just want to outshine our neighbour.

Oh what an awful way to live!

This realization came to me almost like an epiphany in a moment of lucidity. I was mulling over some verses from the Bible when it occurred to me how so much of my life is wasted on being unneccesarily and self-centeredly competitive. Sometimes I even mistakenly think that I need to compete with others for God's love! What an outright deception.

As I was meditating on those life-giving verses, the lie was exposed. God's Word seems to always have this transformative effect on my mind and spirit. It takes time, but when I really stop to listen, the words begin to sink in and touch my consciousness in a way that is so convicting and real that it often leads to a shift in mindset and attitude. It doesn't happen overnight, but over time, I begin to see changes in thinking and character that had always been a struggle before.

So today I learnt to stop seeing or living life as a competition but seizing it as an opportunity to encounter God and to love and serve others. When you live all your life trying to compete with others, you will be miserable. You could be the best, the most accomplished, and yet still feel like you're missing something. You'll always be comparing yourself with others in a negative way. You'll always be looking down at someone you think is worse off than you or looking up at someone who you think is the next person you want to get ahead of. You'll never be able to experience the joy of interacting with someone and valueing any person - no matter how young or old - as an equal. A precious child of God.

So stop living like life is a competition where you have to beat everybody else. Life is an opportunity, a gift. A challenge. A race. Not a race where we have license to trample on others weaker than us, but a race where we are constantly stopping to help up those who have fallen behind and reach ahead to grasp the friendship and guidance of those who are before us.

Do not compete with others. Love and care for them.

Do not condemn others. Comfort them.

And this life-altering choice will make all the difference!

~ J a n i e ll e

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