The Way to Life

To the Christians who so anxiously and eagerly try to 'convert' others, either out of love or out of a misplaced sense of self-righteousness (myself included): how did you come to get so concerned about saving someone from hell that you neglected to point them towards the way to live? And the way to Life?

You are not someone else's saviour. You can't be. Only Christ can.

But remember, Jesus didn't come just to prevent people from dying. He came to show us the way to live. Let us not forget why we share our story, the truth and our faith journey. Not to exhibit condescension or to condemn and intimidate people, but to be a reflector of the Light, a signpost to the Truth. To judge and discern between right & wrong and all the grey in between - out of love and concern - but not to condemn.

~ J a n ie ll e

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