Think Twice

"If you think you are always right, you could be wrong." Janielle

If someone has the audacity to disagree with you, don't get offended or feel insecure, instead thank them. Leave the negative words, but take in what is useful for bringing your thought and actions to a deeper level.

Use every opportunity to think twice about your convictions - what you said, what you say you believe, what you did, and what you are choosing to do.

I don't always like it when people disagree with me or question my beliefs. But I always try to choose to use it as an opportunity to delve deeper into what I profess to believe, to ask myself tougher questions, to bring fresh doubts of my own to the table. In the process, I find myself discovering yet another amazing layer to what is true and what is yet to be fully uncovered.

When you are faced with a disagreeing person - whether they are friend or foe - don't argue; but try to understand. Without first understanding, you cannot possibly have a fruitful conversation with someone or hope to uncover any truth at all in your exchange.

Remember that the misunderstanding or criticism of others can only be a bad thing if you waste your energy trying to prove them wrong. If you think you are always right, then you must be wrong. The point in that sentence is not about being right or wrong, but it's about the art of having the right attitude. Even if you are right, it won't make a difference to anyone if you display a wrongful attitude that is prideful or insensitive toward others.

~ J a n i e ll e

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