Trust & Follow

On some days I feel slightly disheartened because the thought of trying to accomplish some of my impossible plans weigh me down. They seem so far off and unconquerable.

But that's when God never fails to whisper in my thoughts: a mustard seed does not grow into the majestic leafy giant it eventually becomes in just one day, or even one year. It takes time, years even. But the point isn't that it is big or small or majestic. The point is that slowly but surely, it grows. 

The same principle and expectation applies to our lives. God isn't after our noble accomplishments or our grandiose plans. He is after our heart. He wants us to grow into maturity, in a wisdom and understanding. He wants us to grow in love, to grow in spite of difficult situations and challenges. 

I see it now, and it comforts me. Whenever I worry about how and when I am going to do some of these seemingly impossible or far-fetched things, I remember this: God isn't looking at my achievements or my failure. He is looking at my heart, and he wants to see me grow. It is not about how fast I grow, it is about how eager I am to trust and follow.

~ J a n i e ll e

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