My Confidant for Life & Eternity

Prayer isn't always about God making things happen for you. In fact, it isn't at all.

Prayer isn't always about miracles or receiving good things - regardless how hard you asked for it.

Prayer isn't about life getting easier or more bearable.

I've learnt that prayer is about God changing YOU. Prayer is about God shaping your heart's desires (as you pray and continue to reach out to Him). Prayer is about God instilling His principles and values of faith, hope, love, righteousness, peace and justice into your heart and soul. It is about discovering your purpose and destiny as you acknowledge Him in every step you take.

When you're going through a tough time, you pray and often nothing external seems to happen to take away your circumstance - but, as you learn to trust God and rely on His strength, His love and His wisdom, you find that the thing that changes most is your heart and spirit. Instead of dejection, you feel assurance in God. Instead of hopelessness, you feel renewed faith - even in the face of trial and sadness. Instead of fear, you learn to take courage, because His love casts out all fear.

The greatest thing about prayer is not the hope that miracles would happen (though I've seen them happen), it's about the transformation that God ignites in YOU. A change of perspective, a change of heart, a change of attitude. A growth in character, a greater measure of faith, a renewed love for life and people. A desire to persevere, a sense of destiny, a reason to live. A clarity of vision, a call to mission, an invigorated passion. And that itself is the first and most glorious miracle.

Remember that, and prayer will take a whole new dimension - because you will no longer treat God like a gum-ball machine, but you will love Him and know Him as a father, a friend, a sure confidant,  a counselor and guide for life and eternity. That's the greatest reality we could ever know. True and through it all.

~ J a n i e ll e

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