The Devil Wins

When people fight and people die, when people mourn and people cry, who wins?

You don't win and I don't win.

The weapons and war mongers clap their hands, the devil wins and he knows it's his game.

God save us from ourselves, because we can't see that WE are the problem. That we've been fooled to think God is to blame and we are absolved from our narcissism and our crimes.

In all this the devil disguises himself as the angel of light, he comes in the name of peace, but in the hearts of man he wages war.

I think true peace will come when we acknowledge our inner depravity, our spiritual poverty. When we allow our deeds in the dark to be exposed by the light.

Until then, we will continue to struggle in our hearts and in our lives, and we will continue in futility to fight, and fight, and fight.

~ J a n i e ll e

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