A Devastating Sacrifice

Freedom comes at a cost. A heavy cost. A devastating sacrifice.

But we are wrong to think we can buy or win our own freedom by our own strength, ability or willpower alone. 

See, I am talking about inward freedom - spiritual liberation. And this inner freedom isn't just about some unseen influence that has no impact on the external world or the outward man. It is precisely this inner freedom and spiritual transformation that leads to a rebirth of the outward person in a radical way. This regeneration of the soul leads a person to create ripples of change in his life, his reality, his world and society in a way that alters things for the better, for now and eternity. 

But let's return to my first thought - freedom has a price, a price we cannot pay by our own meagre means.

Trying to win our own spiritual freedom is like a man having been sentenced to the gallows, and is in futility trying to give all his money, his feeble self-justification, as a way to escape the death sentence and obtain his freedom once more. It won't work. Wrongs have been committed. There's no turning back. There's no way out, and no escape. There's no cheating death or punishment.

But what if Someone were to come to the man awaiting the gallows, and say to him 'You will not die. If you let me take your place. Because I love you. Because only by this devastating sacrifice, by the sacrifice of One who has committed no wrong, can your freedom be won. You cannot pay the price for freedom and life by your own blood, because you already deserve nothing less than to face the devastating consequences for your wayward actions, but I can.'

You and I are that man. We are men facing the gallows. By our actions we have chosen the way of death. By our willful stubbornness and our rebellion we have chosen nothing but death and self-destruction. We are facing spiritual death  and we do not even know it. That is why only a desperate man will realize his spiritual poverty, his depravity, his potential for evil - and cry out to the One who has been whispering his name all along.

'My child, you will not die. If you let Me take your place. Because I love you.'

And just in case you didn't know who to make your distress call to, His name is Jesus.

~ J a n i e ll e

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