Comfort is the Enemy

Comfort, for now, is the greatest enemy. Because I am living in Australia, which is possibly one of the most comfortable countries to live in in the world.

Once you're comfortable, you're never getting out. Even if you do find the guts to step out into the fray, do not get comfortable with stepping out. Embrace the next challenge: to stay. For me, this is one of the hardest things, and I am first speaking this to myself more than to anyone else. I need to learn to stay put where God calls me to, for the certain time period or season, even if things aren't exactly as I pictured or if life is getting tough over there.

However, by 'getting out', I do not necessarily mean out of Australia. You can certainly get 'out there' even within Australia. And this is the secret. God will take us to unimaginable places if we are willing to step out even when we seem to be stuck in the same old place. (I still can't believe that at twenty, I've gotten the chance to backpack and volunteer in Israel!)

So, there's really so much that one can do when one's eyes are open to the true reality - the spiritual reality.

As a Christian, if you cannot see the spiritual reality, you will be lost. You will have no vision, and no wits about you to guard against the cunning of the devil himself.

The spiritual reality the reality that ultimately affects the physical and external, and seemingly the more urgently-pressing reality. It is not at all separate or removed from the present or the tangible. In fact, it shapes it. Unfortunately, most of us are so caught up with our physical, decaying world and bodies that we fail to attend to the spiritual needs of our true self - our spirit man, the one that will endure past the rotting of mere flesh.

So my prayer is that God will open our eyes, our spiritual eyes of the heart and soul, to see the world, its people and situations, with eyes that discern beyond the mere tangible aspects of life. We are spiritual beings first, as C.S. Lewis wrote in one of his quotes. Let our spirits be awakened to the reality of God!

~ J a n i e ll e

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