The False Calm

It's pointless to just talk about peace. Because peace is only a false calm when it is created apart from truth.

It is useless to talk only about love. Because love without truth will fade away.

It is not enough to just stand up for the truth. Because truth cannot be received fully in the absence of unconditional love. What then is the answer?            

Peace cannot happen, if we are trying to create peace with our own hands and brains alone. These same hands will wage war instead. Time and again, this has happened.

Peace in the world cannot happen if the hearts of men remain restless with its own depravity.

Redemption and peace is closest when we realize our potential for evil and have the humility to admit that we are lost when we are left to our own devices. The Hope is that we are not! We are not random chemical abberrations flailing in the darkness of the universe. We were created for a purpose. But man has chosen his course: rebellion.

At the present time, the world is suffering because man is choosing again and again, rebellion. What if we were to choose to return Home?

God is whispering your name, you have just been too distracted by the fleeting  noises of this world to listen. It is easy to blame others, to blame God. It is most difficult to ask yourself the tough questions. I believe if everyone were to ask themselves the tough questions,  it would either lead them to the point of utter despair and-or point them to God.

~ J a n i e ll e

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