Losing Our Illusions

The world is full of young people anxious to make a difference and full of not-so-young people who are - in the words of Golda Meir - 'not cynical', but have simply 'lost their illusions'.

I smell the scent of destiny, I feel the exhiliration of being on the verge of something. But I also realize that I could end up lost and weary, caught in the fray.

Ambition will get me nowhere. Mere idealism will do me no lasting good. Recognition will not matter in the end. So what will?

I don't want to exchange one form of futility for another. I don't want a nice life. I want a purposeful life. For that, I don't need more stuff. I don't need the world telling me that happiness is only about me being happy. I don't want to wait till I'm meeting death to realize I need Life. Not the life that comes from blood or air. But the life that comes from God.

I'm not kidding. Time is short. All we have is now. And now is time for us to be serious about our faith - or our lack of. Don't ignore that knock on the door of your heart. There's a reason your heart is aching for something more.

Defy the world.
Defy yourself.
Confront the Truth.
Embrace it.
Encounter Him.

~ J a n i e ll e

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