Revolution Without Substance

Revolution. It has a glamorous ring to it.

It's easy to stir up a revolution. It's difficult to uphold the values that it was birthed in.

To those who all too optimistically dubbed the revolution that flared up all over the Middle East in 2011 - the Arab Spring - they have ignored the warning signs and the foreboding fact that, as the saying goes, "Revolutions often end up eating their children."

Without anything to replace the tyranny of the previous government, the likely result of widespread 'revolution' would be a collective of nations spiralling into chaos and lawlessness. Look where hype without substance or a firm moral foundation leads us. Tyranny. The same cycle perpetuates because that same cycle is inhabited by man. It looks like the Arab Spring has turned into an Islamic Winter.

People cannot deny that a radicalism of monstrous proportions is sweeping the region - and it will soon affect the rest of us as it already is. Why were people so quick to celebrate when they had no solid game plan for what would happen next?

~ J a n i e ll e

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