The Irrational Atheist

Is there such a thing as a 'rational' atheist?

If one asserts that there is no God because the world was simply borne out of an accidental stellar collision, that means the atheist himself is a by-product of that accident. Therefore, his thoughts are also mere chaotic by-products of his accidental mind.

All I'm asking is, does the atheist truly believe that his thoughts are groundless in a meaningless world? If he doesn't, then he is being an irrational man whose 'faith' in atheism is completely unreasonable. So now, why should anyone take his assertion to be 'true'? Isn't there no 'right' and 'true' in a purposeless universe?

You can't tell if a line is crooked unless you somehow knew what a straight line looks like. I mean, how can one accident 'rationally' explain all the other accidents before it? Chaos perpetuates chaos. It certainly does not set a stage for order or creativity. As C.S. Lewis said, 'It's like looking at spilled milk & trying to ascertain, just from examining the splotch, what the shape of the milk jug was and why the jug was upset in the first place.'

Doesn't that method sound like a complete insult to reason?

~ J a n i e ll e

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