Surrender to Love

When I finally - with tears streaming down my face - surrendered my heart to God,  and to the man I believe he was bringing into my life, the very next day, I began to experience the peace and desire to love someone. To care without the former critical spirit. To accept without the former judgmental atttitude. To appreciate without a prideful ego.

Essentially, surrendering my heart - my pride, insecurity and selfishness - to God, enabled me to receive His empowering spirit of love and a sound mind. I was able to see clearly, to see someone as God sees them always. No longer was I debilitated by the fear that I would never measure up, that I had failed, that my sin could never be redeemed, that I would never have the strength or courage or selflessness to love and be faithful to someone else to the end.

God redeemed me from my destructive self when I chose to give it all back to Him. It is so simple, yet so difficult - not because God makes it difficult, but because we are stubbornly making things tough for ourselves.

~ J a n i e ll e

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