Why are people contented simply with the 'good life' or the pointless pursuit of it?

Why, there is so much MORE!

You have a God-appointed destiny.

Why would anyone in their right mind refuse to believe that & search it out?

There's a purpose for your life beyond survival, success, or charitable works.

Do you know it? Why would anyone reject such a glorious hope? You don't have to run in circles or grope in the dark anymore. You're not alone.

You can find your identity in Jesus.

Do you know who He is? Not just 'about' Him - I really mean, do you know Him? Surest hope, unshakeable faith, unfailing love. And that is not the end of it.

It is a consuming fire, an unending river, grace & truth abounding.

Jesus is His name.

~ J a n i e ll e

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