Stand Very Still

Wave and tide
Ebb and flow
My two feet
Stand very still

You gave me wings
You made me stay
Every moment
I remain in You

Touch my soul
Lead me
And I'll follow
To the end of the road

Slivers of hope
Glimmers of light
Faith takes me
Where you lead Lord

Cover my shame
Redeem my sin
Take me where the ordinary
Cannot go

Rewrite my future
History is unwritten
You tell my story
You turn it around

Light up my world
Turn out my darkness
Give me strength
To live for Your purpose

For the days are long
The nights are cold
On this solitary road
My hope in You

What can I give?
To gain Your love
Nothing at all
Freely you bestowed

Purchased my freedom
You became my ransom
Now I see You
My heart belongs to You

~ J a n i e ll e

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