Time & Eternity

Bound by the days, hours
Months and years
The passing minutes, those mortal fears

History forgotten, pages yet unwritten
The cycle of violence-oppression, plague the earth

Man desires to live - really live, but 70 years is not enough
For now he lives to survive, knowing his days are numbered

Survival was never his lot,
But does he know, he was created in the image of God?

To create and to love, to give and be loved in return
To walk into the everlast dawn of days immeasurable
Was he ever taught?

Unfettered by the minute, hour and day
Unchained by the confines of space, time and life's shortlived play

Eternity awaits. But while breath remains in our mortal lungs, let you and I keep on the Narrow Way.

~ J a n i e ll e

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