What's At Stake

When you compromise, do you realize just what is at stake?

A poet friend of mine that I met recently in Nairobi reminded me of a piece I wrote awhile back, "Begin with the end."

And I'm finding that now, my own words are giving me vital food for thought in a fresher way.

Sometimes in the din of distractions, of lusts, and fears, and fleeting desires, I forget my calling. I forget the big picture. The end I once saw and strove for.

Then I get a little lost.

But now when you and I are in such tough places, we need to consider what is at stake. There are hundreds other destinies and lives at stake. If you choose wrong, if you choose self over service and sacrifice, if you choose the easy way out, you just might miss the opportunity that God has made for you to reach and impact thousands of lives.

Now that scares me. It is all too possible to miss your destiny to settle for the lesser pleasures - and it is all your choice. It's really in my hands. I can't put the blame on anyone. Nobody delayed me. I missed the boat because I got distracted and caught along the way. God, I don't want that to happen! It is the tragedy of all tragedies.

And if we consider the situation of all young people in today's society, you realize that every single guy and girl is at risk of getting ensnared onto this deception. They'll jolly well miss their purpose and their freedom because they thought it was worth their short while wallowing in the lesser things that will never satisfy them fully.

I'm caught up in this net. All I can say is 'God rescue me!' I'm sinking, I'm falling. I've lost footing, that's why I need you.

Jesus didn't come for the proud and the healthy (or those who think they are). He came for the broken and humbled, the very ones who long for a Healer, a Saviour, a Friend.

I'm in need of Him now. I may be doing missions in Africa now, I may be influencing countless young people and children, and to others it might seem like I've got it all together - but God knows I need his Grace. I can't take another step without Him.

Psalm 143

~ J a n i e ll e

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