Don't Chase It

If you have a crazy-insane-impossibly-huge dream, DON'T CHASE IT: PLAN IT. It's not somewhere else. It won't happen anytime soon; it happens now, and it begins with you.

I just had a dream (a lucid one) while I was sitting on the long train back to Melbourne after spending the weekend in Shepparton for a bandmate's Congolese wedding! The dream began with a thought. I will not share the name of the idea yet until I have the means to launch it - but I will share the idea.

My vision is to ignite and fire up the hearts of a new generation of young people living in tough and dark places - in the slums, inner-city neighborhoods, refugee camps and remote villages of Africa, Asia and the Middle East -  for the cause of the Kingdom of God, through music and the arts. To empower, equip and disciple young people in music, songwriting, poetry, spoken word and other forms of artistic and creative collaboration so they can in turn reach their friends, family, society and touch the world with their bare hands through their God-given creative minds and spirits. To inspire hearts of worship and minds that are focused on Jesus - and in so doing discover their true identity and destiny.

My niche would be to start in the difficult places, to go where nobody wants to go, and especially first to the orphan and the widow.

My prayer is to find like-minded hearts and souls everywhere I go. I have had a taste and a glimpse of this while I was traversing Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania in the summer months recently. It is impossible, and therefore possible - because God is with those who believe he is capable of fulfilling the impossible. Why should we think in terms of possibilities? Let us go all out and think beyond the 'possible' box.

The big picture is there. Now I can't just keep the dream and tuck it away. I need to take it, plan it, make it. And let God shape it into something plausible, effectively beautiful.

~ J a n i e ll e

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