Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open | Day Six

I find myself taking time nearly every day to dream. Yes.

By that, I do not mean subconscious sleep-dreaming or mindless daydreaming. I mean, lucid dreaming. I think there is something deeply significant in the habit of ‘dreaming with my eyes wide open’ so to speak. (Sometimes I do close my eyes.) But often, what I simply mean by this paradoxical phrase is that I believe in the importance of dreaming consciously and thoughtfully. It could also imply ‘thinking big’ and ‘casting vision’. There is something so powerful and so enjoyable in doing that. No doubt, at times one can feel inadequate or frustrated that the ‘dream’ seems so real, so possible, and yet for the moment it remains elusive and impossible.

Nevertheless, I feel that this kind of dreaming keeps me alive. Just take note, I am not talking of dreaming about a future husband or a fancy house or some luxurious holiday in the Caribbean. I am speaking of the kind of dreams and visions that God places in every single one of us who bothers to seek out our calling and destiny. I know they are big words – and most people talk about them in shallow terms (like, ‘chase your dreams’) or avoid talking about these things altogether.

For me, these words that are heavy with meaning – ‘calling’, ‘destiny’ and ‘purpose’ – are inextricably tied to my faith in Jesus. I believe that God created each one of us with ‘Eternity in our hearts’ as the wise king Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes. I believe and know that God has placed these inclinations within us. I can’t help but think, perhaps the reason I dream is that God Himself placed this amazing capability in me to imagine and pursue what is not yet reality – because He has created me for this incredible destiny and purpose.

God called forth the universe out of nothing. He is creative beyond our finite wisdom to fully uncover every glorious aspect and filament of His wondrous works in and outside of us. And yet the Bible tells us that He created you and me in His image, in His likeness. Although the first Adam messed up, rebelled against God and rejected His love – consequently passing on this rebellious sin nature to the rest of humankind – our ruined framework still contains the essence of God’s likeness. This ruinous state, no matter how far gone, no matter how irreparable, can be redeemed by faith in the ‘second Adam’ – Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ. If I did not believe this wholeheartedly, if I had not experienced the love, grace and mercy of God through Jesus Christ His Son – who is living and actively revealing Himself and his love to us (whether or not we choose to acknowledge and surrender to Him is another matter), I would not be writing this. I really wouldn’t. Even if you think this is absolute nonsense, I just want you to pause and ask, ‘Why would Janielle be writing about all this if there weren’t something more to it?’

But back to my idea before, about dreaming wide awake – truly, I believe this ability to dream, imagine, envision and be creative with our minds and hands, is a gift of God. This very gift though, has been corrupted. That’s why you see this world in a mess. People are dreaming, but they are dreaming with the intent to glorify self, to exploit the downtrodden, to manipulate others, to exalt themselves and pursue their selfish ambitions, to covet what belongs to their neighbour, and to lust after what does not satisfy their soul-craving. You see it now? The gift is good – so, so gloriously good. But the use and manifestation of it in word, action and attitude has been thoroughly corrupted. A good gift, in the hands of a deceitful heart and a selfish spirit, is a dangerous thing.

So, the last few days, I have been taking the time to set my mind apart to dream what God has inspired me to pursue, to prayerfully plan the steps I must take to implement this mission so that this impossible vision can come true, and to let His Spirit redeem my mind and transform my often selfish motivations into God-centered convictions.

J a n i e ll e

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