We don't need more peacekeepers, we need PEACEMAKERS. That is what Jesus was on about. It's easy to keep the peace (and we fail miserably at that). But it's a way tougher call to actually help people come to a place of loving their enemies. How do you do that? I once told a Muslim friend that Jesus calls us to 'love our enemies'. And he said, 'That's crazy. It's impossible. How can I love my enemy? How can I love someone who took away my home, my family? I can't do it.' I agreed with him. Indeed, for our human minds and selfish hearts, it is impossible. But that is precisely why Jesus calls us to it. Because it teaches us to fall back on the amazing grace of God and not our own feeble strength. It exposes our depravity and brings us to the phenomenal paradox of the Cross. So I told my friend, 'It IS crazy. But if you really take it into your heart, you will know that this impossible way is the only way. Nothing else has worked so far. I dare you to pursue it.'

~ J a n i e ll e

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